Hannah Seaman, Miss British Columbia

Hannah Seaman, a person who stutters and the subject of a 2006 documentary about stuttering, has won the crown in a competition for the title of Miss B.C.. A graduate of fine arts and a student of drama, Hannah did not hide her stuttering during the competition, and even did a monologue for the judges during the talent portion.

"I know how alone I used to feel, and no one deserves to feel unworthy or like an outcast because of something they can’t control,” she says. “I just proved to myself what I can do, even with a disability.”

In 2006 when Hannah was just 15, students at the Vancouver Film School featured her in a documentary about stuttering.

Hannah will be writing an article about her experiences in the Miss BC competition for the BC Association of People who Stutter.



Hannah Seaman wins crown

VFS documentary

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