"Kill Your Stutter" site puts up disclaimer

screenshots dubious sites

The Kill Your Stutter website, a site that offers a 10-minute cure for stuttering that we have criticized on this website, now has a disclaimer associated with it, that reads

The Kill Your Stutter program and website does not claim to cure a stutter, we simply offer a means of correcting stuttering through specific techniques and exercises, nor are we medical professionals, doctors, or speech therapists/specialists claiming to cure stuttering/stammering.
There is a high chance that this program will do nothing for your stutter and you will not see any benefit from using our program, which is why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee if you are dissatisfied.
Use at your own risk.

Apart from being misleading, contradictory and grammatically incorrect, this statement, (from a link at the bottom of the page) does not reflect the information that is given on the page itself or on the pages of affiliates who promote the product.

There are still dubious claims on the site from the mysterious “Ari Kreitberg” who claims to have cured his own stuttering with the product. Mr. Kreitberg, by the way, also cured himself of lisping and, being of small stature, added four inches to his height. He does not admit to having a small penis, that is the domain of a "Mr. Balfour Wright", who added four inches to his member, and also uses herbal remedies to cure himself of hair loss.

The site makes statements such as “we've seen it work on thousands of stutterers so far.” The seller claims to know the “scientific reason why people stutter” and says “The more you use this technique, the more you'll be able to master control and flow of your speech, not to mention stopping your stuttering once and for all - replicating our exact results with our clients.”

I would like to make this "Ari Kreitberg" an offer: email the CSA a copy of Kill Your Stutter and we will conduct our own research with ten people who stutter who will use the product and document the results. If it works, even for one, we will promote it on this site. A free copy for our organization would be a small price to pay for such publicity, if it indeed works on even one out of ten stutterers. Thousands more sales would result, and you will be helping even more stutterers, which is obviously a cause close to your heart.  So I’ll be waiting to receive the free copy. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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