Fluency Plus Toronto

Graduates of this very successful and popular intensive program for stutterers are invited to attend a 2 day “Weekend Refresher” every year, at minimal cost.

For the last several years, it has been held at the University of Toronto's Speech and Language building on University Avenue. Speech pathologists Dr. Bob Kroll and his ‘right hand top gun’ Marni Grotel organize, motivate, educate and facilitate the very comprehensive schedule.

There were large group lectures/presentations in the cosy amphitheatre as well as small [5-7] group sessions. The combination of education, group interaction and monitoring is a pleasant, effective way to practice our targets, with feedback, in a safe, supportive environment. The level of participation is, of course, a personal decision but the group support is quite effective.

Shaping and practice is reviewed, shared and encouraged, as are transfer techniques and opportunities. There is no pressure to ‘perform’ but there is a family atmosphere which can be very productive and supportive. A large aspect of the weekend is the camaraderie and good feelings that prevail. Old friendships are invigorated and new relationships are generated.

Most participants present short speeches to the full group before saying good bye on Sunday afternoon. Breakfast  [fresh bagels, cream cheese, donuts, coffee and juice] is provided.

All PFSP/ Fluency Plus alumni should try to attend future refreshers – it can really help!

for more information: Speech and Stuttering Institute

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