October 22 - International Stuttering Awareness Day

Every year since 1998, October 22nd has been marked as Stuttering Awareness Day, a time to learn more about a condition that afflicts 1% of the world's adult population.

For more information about stuttering, check out The International Stuttering Awareness Day Online Conference. Judith Kuster has again done an excellent job in chairing this annual event. See over fifty essays, written by both Speech Language Pathologists and people who stutter, on topics such as managing stuttering, neurogenic stuttering and dealing with bullying. Topics such as anxiety, maintaining fluency, internet discussion groups and self therapy, as well as many more, are also addressed.

As in other years, you can also post questions and comments (read the directions at the top of the first page first.) Take a look at the interesting material in this conference to increase your knowledge about stuttering.

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