"Kill Your Stutter" promoters stoop to new low

KYS vid The Kill Your Stutter online promotion has been discussed on this website before, most recently here. This fraudulent "cure" for stuttering is distributed via the online marketing service Clickbank, and promises to cure stuttering in ten minutes. Now a YouTube video has been posted by one of the distributors, if not the MAIN distributor. ("Ari Kreitburg" is a pseudonym).

This video features a man speaking about how his stuttering was holding him back from otherwise promising career prospects, and that speech therapy changed his life for the better. However if you listen closely he is talking about the Hollins Communications Institute, a well regarded American clinic. The descriptive text and the provided link relate to the Kill Your Stutter promo site, not Hollins.

Promoters of Kill Your Stutter have misappropriated photos before. One ad featured Jon Paskievich, a Canadian filmmaker who is also a stutterer. Another used a photo of Dr. Gerald MacGuire, a famous researcher of stuttering. This is the first time they have stolen video testimonial that related to a different, credible institution. What will they stoop to next?

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