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Welcome to CSA Podcasts, hosted by Jordanne Erichsen. Jordanne Erichsen is a volunteer with the CSA assisting with media and events. Her background is in music and the Alexander Technique. She runs Express Voice Studio in Montreal, Quebec and works with individuals on their vocal production for singing and public speaking.
Jordanne does short podcast episodes for CSA focusing on resilience, ingenuity, and adaptation as it pertains to stuttering. Her interview subjects are people who feel they have a personal story to share that reflects any or all of these themes. If you are a person who stutters or is connected to the stuttering community and would like to be interviewed, or if you know someone who would be, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Scroobius Pip is a British actor and podcaster who has become involved with a campaign to bring awareness to and change attitudes toward stuttering, STAMMA. He narrates a video about changing the way people talk about stuttering that has since gone viral. CSA member Jordanne Erichsen interviewed him recently for CSA's first featured podcast.


Jordanne interviews Harvir Thind, a 23 year old Canadian person who stutters.Having a hard time dealing with his speech growing up, Harvir found acceptance after connecting with the stuttering community while working for Camp SAY (an American camp for children who stutter). He is now an international ambassador for Projekt Prata, a Swedish based organization for people who stutter. Connect with the project on facebook, or instagramprojektprata.