Breaking Free, One Word at a Time

David LiuDavid Liu It was the first day of high school. My new classmates were going around the room introducing themselves, but all I could hear were my frantic thoughts and hammering heartbeat. How many more people are going to speak before me?

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Finding My True Self

Lani RoyLani RoyStutter was a word I feared since I could remember, not only because I would block on the first “T” but because it was a word that I let define my every action. It decided whether I would raise my hand in class, join in on pick-up volleyball at lunch, or order through a drive-thru window.

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A Glimpse of Early Memories as a Person Who Stutters

GregGreg, front row, second from right, celebrating his sister's wedding
at St. Martins, Ottawa in 1974

It is interesting how certain events and situations can illicit powerful memories — memories that remind me of the ways stuttering can significantly compromise a person's quality of life.

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Malihe’s Story

mahileMalihe Elias

God truly works in mysterious ways. My disability was my best friend all this time. It was a motivation from God to tell me never to give up and to develop my passion for languages.

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A Journey of Finding Self-Love Through My Stutter

Leah ThomasLeah Thomas

When I hear the word “stutter”, many thoughts and feelings go through my head. This has been a word I have heard all throughout my childhood and is a word which I believed defined who I was. From the first moment around the age of 8, little did I know I would be entering a journey full of challenges, hardships, and strength.

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