Where I Stand

Kim Block Kim during a radio interview.

I have been reflecting lately on my journey that started twenty years ago. Twenty years ago I was covert and I did absolutely everything in my power to hide my stuttering. It took my time in university for me to really practice being comfortable in my own skin and practice being open about my stuttering. Here is a poem that reflects some of that journey.

Where I Stand

Today I start
From where I stand
My head in the clouds
My feet in the sand

To truly be free
Release the past
Or old hidden memories
Will start to last

Today I start fresh
I decide
To carve my path
With my fresh eyes

As I move from the shadow
And into the light
The shadow grabs at me
I put up a fight

A fight for my life
It’s what I do
I do it everyday
When I speak to you

I speak from my heart
Share my feelings
It’s through communication
That starts my healing

I stutter when I speak
Don’t expect an apology
I stand up for my life
I am truly free

Kim Block is the author of the children’s book series Adventures of a Stuttering Superhero www.stutteringadventures.com

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