Hello CSA Family!

My name is Eeva Stierwalt and I am honoured to be elected as the new CSA National Coordinator.

 I am not a stranger to the CSA! I am the proud Mother of Alexandra D’Agostino. Alexandra is a person who stutters, which is why I have gained an indepth understanding of PWS over the years. This comes from caring deeply about someone who stutters.

What attracts me most to the CSA is the CSA Mission Statement:

The Canadian Stuttering Association is a national, volunteer driven, not-for-profit organization that promotes awareness of stuttering and provides support for people who stutter and their families, with a view to helping stutterers deal as effectively as possible with their stutter and to achieve their full personal and professional potential.

This is dear to my heart, because I am passionate about supporting my daughter Alexandra and people who stutter and their families. This is what drove me to submitting my application for the National Coordinator position.

I have been actively involved over the years with the CSA and also with the US based NSA and I have co-coordinated numerous parent workshops at CSA and NSA conferences.

I bring you a wealth of experience, both professional and volunteer that I know will help me in my role as CSA National Coordinator. Most recently this past April, I completed an 8 year stint on the Steering Committee (the Board, basically), of an international organization, during which I held a variety of positions, the most recent being the Chair Elect.

The CSA has had some outstanding leaders and I hope to fill the shoes of the previous National Coordinators who have voluntarily, through hard work, dedication, commitment, talent, expertise and creativity, contributed so much to the stuttering community through the CSA. Thank you past National Coordinators and in particular Andrew Harding!!!

 My plan is to fulfill our mission and vision by growing the CSA and our membership so that it reaches across the country to every province and every city, village and rural area; to every household, school and place of business, to every organization and employee and also those who support people who stutter.

It is my honour to serve the stuttering community of Canada as the new National Coordinator of the Canadian Stuttering Association!

I look forward to seeing you all at our next annual conference in October, 2018! Spread the word!!!

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