Creating an Authentic Personal Brand When You Stutter

Talking about personal branding makes many people cringe. This isn't helped by the fact that a lot of the hype behind personal branding can sound shallow and a little bit phony. 

All that aside, having a personal brand is important. It shows the world who we are and what makes us unique.

Having a stutter also brings a whole new layer to the personal branding experience. Do you what your stutter to be apart of your personal brand or do you not?

My goal here is to get to the root of what personal branding really is and help you in achieving your authentic brand, whether you choose to include your stutter within it or not. 

1. Discover

No one else in the world is exactly you and that makes you and your personal brand unique! Our ultimate goal in living authentic lives is to do what fulfills us and makes us happy. Define for yourself what your unique strengths and abilities are (as well as your weaknesses). Think back to when you were a child and what entertained you for hours. This might be a nudge towards where your true passions really lie. 

2. Articulate
Write out your brand statement. Who do you want the world to see you as? It can be short or long. It can be a list of descriptors (e.g teacher, mother, wise, funny, stutterer) or it can be written like a mission statement. Don't overthink this step, use it as a motivator and facilitator to connect with your authentic brand. 

3. Deliver
People want to connect with people. Now that you have defined and articulated your personal brand, it is time to share it with the world, in whatever way suits you best. This can be done through a personal website, LinkedIn profile or even in how you present yourself in person. 

4. Tell
You are the content of your personal brand, so tell YOUR story! Practice doing this in creative and compelling ways (think personal website, poetry, art, etc). Having a strong narrative is what will connect you with your audience and have them remember you. 

Thinking of including your stutter in your personal brand? Don't forget to include how you overcame the challenges and prospered with your stutter.

5. Dream
Never stop dreaming. Regardless of where you are in your life or your career, remember that your personal brand will evolve and grow with you. If you define your brand one way, it is okay to redefine it down the road. You are a unique and ever evolving and your brand should reflect that!

For more information about creating your person authentic brand, you can visit this article by Camille Style or this TEDx lecture!


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