Speaking Out Loud: A Poem on Stuttering


Speaking out Loud?

Are you kidding? 

Saying my words

To be heard?

Too much of a risk

I’d rather you miss

My dreams, my humor, my words

I’m used to be being passed by

I just give a small smile to say hi

It’s fine with me

I’d rather not be

Speaking out loud

Or be heard

But who am I kidding?

Who’s really winning?

Am I helping us all

When I shrink and be small?

Can society evolve

When I play a part?

Does hiding inspire kindness?

Don’t we all have a heart?

Maybe one day

I’ll get brave and say

I am here

I am beautiful

I have something inside

That is bursting to be

Just wait and see

Because starting today

I will be brave

Speaking out loud to be heard.

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