(s)he's a keeper

The world of dating is complicated and having a stutter can make it seem almost impossible. 

Now, it might seem strange, but your stutter can actually be a very useful tool in the dating world! 

Your stutter can help you uncover who will make the cut and who won't. If someone comes off as being judgemental or impatient, they probably aren't the right fit. But if you find someone who is patient and overlooks your stutter, or even better embraces it, then you know that person's a keeper! 

It's an amazing way to decipher the quality of a person, which allows you to direct your energy towards the people who are worth your time. These people won't necessarily fit a particular profile. The goodness in people extends beyond labels. 

But the most important thing is to always remember that you are deserving of someone's love and they are deserving of yours. You are you unique, you are enough and you are amazing. So get out there!

1. Would you mention your stutter in your online dating profile?
2. How do you deal with your stutter in your dating life? Has it benefited you in anyway?

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