Workshop Proposals Being Accepted for the 2021 CSA Online Conference

confereenceCSA announces our 2021 online conference, to take place November 12-14, 2021. Our 2020 Conference was a success thanks to all the wonderful workshops and speakers we hosted. Workshop Proposals are being accepted for this year's event. Our theme is "Our Voices, Our Stories" and like story-telling that draws people to movies and books, we want to present narratives around the world of people who stutter and what matters to them, and createe a space for people to "shine online."

Please download the form here.

The workshop can take many forms. Some are personal stories and insights about living with stuttering. Others are interactive and involve audience participation in games or panel sessions. Information sessions about research into stuttering and stuttering treatment is also welcome. Here are samples of content from the past few years to use as a guideline. But maybe you have a unique idea that we haven't seen yet! Go for it!

We look forward to seeing your ideas and hosting another great conference in November.