Stuttering Organizations Unite to Congratulate Joe Biden

joe biden

‘You stutter, We stutter, It’s how we talk’ Organizations representing those who stutter have come together from around the world to congratulate Joe Biden on his inauguration. The first President of the United States of America to have a stutter.

Twenty nine national and international organizations signed a letter of congratulations, with the words “your achievement stands testament to the fact that having a stutter is no reflection upon brains or talent. This is an empowering message for young people who stutter here, and in every continent around the world”.

The letter ends: “You stutter, We stutter, It’s how we talk.”

“It’s time to change the way the world thinks about stuttering,” says Eeva Stierwalt, National Coordinator, Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA). “It’s just how some people talk and what is important is not how someone says something, but what they say. On behalf of the Canadian Stuttering Association, welcome and congratulations to you, President Joe Biden.”

joe biden

Signatories hope that Biden’s position will help the media and the public have a more positive and insightful understanding about what it means to stutter. Stuttering is no reflection on talent and should be no bar to ambition, it is just how some people talk. See the letter here.

Signatory organizations come from: Australia, Austria, Botswana, Bulgaria, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Germany, Ghana, Iceland, India, Ireland, Japan, Kosovo, Lithuania, Nepal, Netherlands, Pakistan, Peru, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Togo, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Zambia.