CSA Members meet with Women who Stutter in India!

screen capture

The Stammering Association of Women in India (SAWI) is an active support group that holds regular zoom meetings to connect, share advice and support each other. SAWI board member Shruthi Sharma contacted Lisa Wilder to ask if there were some Canadian women who wanted to join the June 21 meeting as special guests. Lisa and Catherine Moroney, a CSA member who lives in California, both participated in the session.

The meeting consisted of about twenty women from India, Canada and United States. About half were speech therapists and half were people who stutter. At the start of the meeting everyone introduced themselves, and then meeting moderator Shruthi Sharma asked Lisa and Catherine questions about when they first started stuttering, living with stuttering, and what advice they had for treatment and maintenance.

The meeting lasted about ninety minutes, and was enjoyable and informative. Thanks SAWI for initiating this global wide gathering of women who stutter!