Frontiers for Young Minds


If you're looking to help keep curious minds occupied these days, this online scientific journal aimed at young people might be worth a visit. Recognized by the American Library Association as a Great Website for Kids, Frontiers for Young Minds is a robust collection of freely available science journals written by established scientists and involving kids themselves as "young reviewers."

Frontiers for Young Minds explores a wide array of core concepts in scientific fields and ground-breaking discoveries. Some topics you can find on the website include astronomy and space science, earth and its resources, health, mathematics, neuroscience and also stuttering! With the help of a Science Mentor, kids and teens provide feedback to authors in the peer review phase before an article is published. This ensures the articles are written in a way that is engaging, exciting, and more easily accessible to young readers.By making science fun and relevant to kids and teens, Frontiers for Young Minds is definitely worth a look. Check it out at