Speech Refresher in Ottawa Screens "My Beautiful Stutter"

my Beautiful Stutter

On Saturday December 7th, The Interprofessional Clinic at Perley-Rideau is offering a Speech-refresher day for youth 10-16 years old who stutter. The day will feature a pre-release showing of the new documentary, “My Beautiful Stutter”. The morning’s activities will also consist of networking, meeting, and sharing experiences with others who stutter as well as practice in challenging speaking situations. Following lunch, parents, other family members and friends are invited to join their children for the screening.

This film, which is currently touring the film festival circuit and winning awards, follows five youth who stutter, between the ages of 8-18, over the course of a year. They meet at the American arts-based summer camp run by S.A.Y., the Stuttering Association for the Young. The film documents their struggles, transformations, and successes as they discover acceptance of their stutter and find their voices. The film raises awareness of the stigmas that stutterers can face in the outside world and ways of empowering people who struggle with such stereotypes. The screening will be followed by an open-mic session where viewers can discuss their reactions. Bring your handkerchiefs!

The refresher course will take place on December 7th from 9am - 3pm and is for youth ages 10-16. Registration is $130 and includes lunch. Parents and the public are invited to the screening which will be at 1:30pm. Admission to the film only is by donation, with all proceeds going to the Marie Poulos Fund, which supports therapy fees for treatment of stuttering at the Interprofessional Clinic.

For more information, contact the clinic by email or phone 613-526-7125.