The CSA Monthly Giving Challenge


The Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) is entirely run and governed by volunteers, operating on a minimal annual budget. We get no government funding — our existence depends on private donations! That is why we are launching the Monthly Giving Challenge.

With even a modest increase in dependable revenue, the CSA could do a lot more, such as:

  • Provide a more robust scholarship program, including post secondary scholarships for people who stutter and SLP students focusing on stuttering;
  • Assist the development of local support groups throughout Canada;
  • Raise public awareness of stuttering through advocacy and public outreach projects; and
  • Develop and expand child and family initiatives by reaching out to teachers and SLPs and creating more child and family programming.

YOU can help by taking up The CSA Monthly Giving Challenge today ! Here’s how:

  • The challenge is simply to generate monthly donors willing to give even as little as $5 a month to the CSA. That’s just the price of a cup of coffee, but it translates into $60 a year for the CSA.
  • Your specific challenge is to assemble a group of donors who collectively donate $100 a month. Your group could be 10 family members who donate $10 each, or 20 friends and family members who donate $5 each, or any combination that works.
  • Our CSA goal is to generate a minimum of 20 such groups. That translates into $24 K in new and much needed operating funds for the CSA….Funds that we’ll put to work, fast, to help and support people who stutter across Canada.

So... won’t you take up the challenge today?

Signing up for quick, painless monthly giving to the CSA is as easy as going to our paypal page.

All annual donations in excess of $20 will receive a charitable tax receipt.

Thank you for supporting our work for people who stutter!