Samuel L. Jackson honoured at stuttering gala


The American Institute for Stuttering (AIS) hosted it's 7th Annual Benefit Gala on June 3 in New York. Hosted by actress Emily Blunt, the event is called Freeing Voices, Changing Lives. Samuel L. Jackson was in attendance as the guest of honour. As the AIS website says,

Jackson’s childhood experience with stuttering was debilitating and it has been a lifelong process to control the disorder. Acting allowed him to use his voice as a form of expression and along with his determination and impressive talent he has evolved into one of the greatest actors of our time.

Jackson made a noteable speech in which he talked about his troubles with dysfluencies as a child and adult, how he found acting was a way to improve it and how he often deals with his stuttering in a unique way –– swearing! One word in particular is of great help... Read more about the event here.