New Stuttering Superhero book free to download


It all started with a joke. My husband said with a laugh, “you know what you should name your next book? Melissa Stays Home.” I thought that wasn't a bad idea! As with most of my books, the story developed in my head when I took my dog for a walk — Something about it gets my creative ideas flowing.

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CSA's Position on COVID-19

Face mask

The CSA is actively following the news about the coronavirus (COVID-19). We know that many people are concerned about COVID-19, also known as the novel coronavirus, and that globally the outbreak is evolving quickly.

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CSA Wishes YOU a Happy New Year 2020!

new years

As we all embark on an exciting and promising new year, I think it is important to review the CSA successes of 2019 which have served to pave a smooth path for the upcoming year.

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Music and Language Habits of Individuals who Stutter


Researchers at McGill University are looking at the music and language habits of people who stutter, and asking for participants in an online survey. It includes questions about your stuttering, musical training, language use/proficiency, therapeutic and diagnostic history.

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Dates for Oxford Dysfluency Conference Announced


The 12th Annual Oxford Dysfluency Conference will take place September 23-26, 2020. The 12th Oxford Dysfluency Conference (ODC), under the theme ‘Challenge and Change’, is to be held at St Catherine’s College Oxford.

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